I am a freelance multimedia professional with a proven track record of creating impactful content for international publications and NGOs. My skills in data analysis and visual storytelling enable me to contribute to a dynamic organization in the media industry. I am committed to producing high-quality content that informs and inspires audiences.

"Digital Journalist: Transforming Information into Engaging Experiences"

Thiri Khin Aung

Freelance Multimedia Journalist

My Work

BBC Media Action, Digital Producer

As the producer of "Ma Shet Nae," a digital TV show in Myanmar, I oversaw the creation of multimedia content focused on sexual reproductive health and rights for the youth community. From pre-production to post-production, I managed all aspects of the production process to ensure that the content aligned with the organization's vision and mission. By utilizing data analytics, I generated compelling story ideas and collaborated with editors and production personnel to produce impactful content. I stayed up-to-date with industry trends and incorporated new technologies and techniques to create a visually captivating and emotionally resonant experience for our audience. The goal of "Ma Shet Nae" was to educate, inform, and empower young individuals through open conversations about sexual reproductive health and rights, ultimately fostering positive change in the community.

Multimedia Specialist Creating Engaging Content for International Publications and NGOs

I had the opportunity to embark on a thrilling adventure, working on assignments for top international publications like Vice, DW, ABC, and Al Jazeera. These amazing opportunities allowed me to explore the power of multimedia and create compelling content that connected with audiences worldwide. I learned how to craft stories that resonated with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, using different media formats to bring my ideas to life. It was an incredible experience to work with some of the world's leading journalists and editors and to see my work published in major media outlets. These assignments challenged me to push beyond my limits and to constantly improve my skills as a storyteller. Overall, it was an unforgettable journey that taught me valuable lessons about the art of journalism.

a woman in a white shirt and jeans is holding a drillet
a woman in a white shirt and jeans is holding a drillet
Mizzima Media Group, Multimedia Journalist
Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), Multimedia Journalist

I specialize in researching and developing scripts for documentaries and TV shows. I excel at crafting engaging and tailored scripts for various multimedia formats, ensuring that the content captivates and informs the audience. Additionally, I have hands-on experience in filming, editing, and conducting post-production work to create visually captivating and impactful multimedia content. Continuously staying updated with industry trends and incorporating new technologies, I strive to push creative boundaries and deliver high-quality work. Through my expertise in scriptwriting and multimedia production, I aim to create captivating stories that resonate with audiences and inspire meaningful conversations.

Freelancer, Investigator, Researcher

I dedicated human rights researcher and investigator, I have conducted extensive research into human rights incidents in Myanmar. I meticulously analyze and verify evidence to ensure accuracy and credibility, documenting my findings for future reference. Collaborating with traditional media outlets, I have worked to increase visibility and accountability for these incidents, resulting in the publication of reports and articles. With a strong focus on ethical conduct and professionalism, I handle sensitive research and investigations with empathy and respect. By storing digital evidence securely, I contribute to the pursuit of justice and the potential for future human rights prosecutions.

Starting as a radio journalist for "SMS Radio," I embarked on a dynamic media career that transitioned into television. With experience in filming, conducting interviews, and scriptwriting, I developed a versatile skill set. Managing multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously, I excelled in creating engaging and informative content. One of my notable accomplishments was initiating the popular TV program "YOPE" specifically designed for young people, providing a platform for their voices and addressing relevant topics. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a passion for storytelling and a commitment to empowering audiences through media.