A Journey Through My Lens: A Multimedia Journalist's Showreel

In this enthralling showreel, I invite you to witness the diverse landscapes and compelling stories that I had the privilege to capture as a video journalist across our beautiful country.

Undaunted: Voices from Myanmar’s Resistance

The documentary “Undaunted” is about Myanmar people who still protest against the military junta amid threats and difficulties. And, it is about why they are still protesting. What did they sacrifice? What are the traumatic impacts after they get arrested or killed? Created by a team of Myanmar journalists, I am part of the team member (My name is SRI) which are script writing, Video shooting, Field Producer, and Video Editing.

Walking Through the Darkness

Walking Through the Darkness provides a profound and immersive portrayal of the extraordinary sacrifices made by Myanmar journalists in their unwavering pursuit of truth amidst the turbulent aftermath of the military coup in February 2021. This poignant documentary sheds light on the perilous journeys undertaken by five courageous journalists as they fearlessly capture the atrocities committed by the Myanmar military against its own citizens. Their relentless documentation exposes the widespread displacement of hundreds of thousands in ethnic regions and the desperate flight of activists seeking refuge from the clutches of arrest and torture.

Crafted by a team of dedicated Myanmar journalists, including myself (SRI), who have passionately contributed to the scriptwriting, video shooting, field production, and video editing processes, this film stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit and resilience of Myanmar's media community. It showcases their unwavering commitment to preserving the historical events of their nation's struggle for democracy, solidifying their position as true heroes of journalism.

Thailand Protests for Democracy and Monarchy Reform

This video delves into the heart of the momentous Thailand protests, where the people are united in their call for change and the resignation of Prayut Chan-o-cha, the leader of the ruling government. This is a historical movement that seeks to address not only political reform but also brings to light the desire for changes within the monarchy itself.

In this powerful video, I capture the Thai people's passion, determination, and resilience as they take to the streets to voice their grievances and demand a better future.

FHI 360 - Resilience Building Campaign

"Promoting Mental Resilience" : is a powerful campaign spearheaded by me, where I led every aspect of the production process. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities in Myanmar, I aimed to effectively communicate the importance of empathy for others and their mental health struggles. Through four engaging videos, I took on the role of ideator, scriptwriter, director, editor, and post-production specialist, ensuring the entire project aligned with the client's vision and delivered a compelling message. Collaborating closely with the client, I handpicked four impactful topics that would resonate with the target audience. I then meticulously orchestrated the production, from finding the perfect character to bring the stories to life, to selecting authentic shooting locations that added depth and relatability to the videos. With unwavering dedication to excellence, I crafted each video with care, ensuring they not only met the client's expectations but also effectively conveyed the intended message. During the post-production phase, I meticulously edited and refined each video, ensuring the final products were of the highest quality and aligned seamlessly with the client's vision. By establishing a strong rapport with the client throughout the entire process, I fostered a mutually beneficial partnership that resulted in videos generating remarkable engagement and leaving a lasting impact.

"Unbreakable: Ko Ye Min Naing's Journey of Resilience"

This video showcases the remarkable journey of Ko Ye Min Naing, a person who exemplifies resilience and determination. Through his own experiences, Ko Ye Min Naing shares valuable advice and encouragement, highlighting his unwavering strength in the face of life's challenges.

"Embracing Resilience: Daw Phu Mya's Journey Through Loss"

Life can be incredibly challenging, especially when we face the painful loss of someone or something dear to our hearts. In these moments, it's important not to suppress our emotions but to accept them as part of the inevitable nature of the world. This video serves as a guiding light, helping you navigate the process of preparing your mind when confronted with such difficult experiences.

Join us in witnessing the inspiring story of Daw Phu Mya, a refugee who has emerged from the shadows of war and faced profound personal losses. In this poignant video, I share heartfelt wisdom with my children, guiding them on how to embrace each new day in the most positive and empowering way possible.

"Embracing Identity: Kiki's Journey of Self-Discovery"

Navigating the uncertainty surrounding one's sexuality can be a challenging and isolating experience. If you find yourself in this situation, remember that you are not alone. 🌈💛 This video features Kiki, who fearlessly shares her personal journey as she explores her beliefs and understanding of her own sexuality.

"Breaking Free: Ma Mimi's Journey to Freedom"

(Content Warning: Domestic Violence/Abusive Relationships)

In the face of unimaginable adversity, Ma Mimi found the strength to escape an abusive marriage and reclaim her life. Her powerful story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who have experienced domestic violence. Through this video, Ma Mimi fearlessly shares her harrowing experiences, shedding light on the path to breaking free from the chains of abuse.